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I can't help myself posting the wedding pics of Alan and Denny from Boston Legal. lol

"I Do."

"Cease the moment. It's our wedding night."

The finale of BL is a bittersweet episode. I totally understand how Shirley felt when seeing her law firm merging with the one from China. I speak Chinese everyday but I don't like the people and Chinese government, either.

The Bromance between Alan and Denny finally end up in a same-sex marriage. It's fabulous for Alan/Denny fan! I'm very HAPPY to see this. Their marriage comes with a question, "Is a marriage only based upon sexuality  or just love?"

It's kind of strange that Denny danced with Shirley instead of Alan after their wedding. Fortunately,  these lovely two had a lovers' tiff and danced on the good, old balcony. It's so sweeeeet!!! It seemed what would happed on the next day is not improtant anymore because 'It's our wedding night..'

Sick people have made YouTube stink!

Long time no see. It's been days since I suddenly disappeared. lol

Being a YouTube lover, I enjoy watching clips in there. But reading some sick users' comments hurt my feelings. When the clips show Asian people and unfortunately happed to be most viewed, there are always people leave something like "damn chinese speak english." or  "don't post this chinese shit."

What happened  to these people who can only speak English? Why do they always think Asians = Chinese?

I really like to tell them:
First, see upper right of YouTube. It got language options, which means YouTube allows people all over the world upload their clips to here. You can run a site if you're not happy.

Second, nobody forces you to watch a clip you don't understand. You can click it off anytime you like, losers.

Third, If you're not satisfied at what on the most viewed, go complain to YouTube!!

Some facts about me....

Typhoon season

It's Typhoon season again! We have triple (now it turns to double) typhoon attacks this time. My apartment had been flooded, so I'm worried about the flood that the typhoon will bring.

I woke up this morning and it sounded we were having heavy rain. I walked near to the window to see outside and the rain drops sprayed over my face! I thought, "Oh, shit! Maybe I should move my things to higher places now!" But I didn't do that. I was back to my computer and listened carefully to the world outside. It was such a relief when the rain became lighter, but it didn't last long. It went heavy again in minites! Finally, it stops now. The weather is quite unpredictable. *sigh*

Hope the typhoon duo will get out of the town soon.
It's been a week since I logged in and posted last entry. I really should consider seriously find some remedy to cure my laziness. :(

I found a funny clip about a toilet trained cat. Somehow, after watching it many times, I thought we humans perverts! Which species would film somebody shitting and share with others on the internet? lol  One comment mentioned Cats looked emotionless when they were on toilets. What a comment! Does this guy expect the cats to wave the newspaper and said, "Take your camera and get out of the bathroom!" ?

I've shared the clip on a forum, and to my surprise, the users there brought up a very serious issue: (I'm not sure if it is an issue, but it's serious.)  Should we train pets to use our equipment for our pleasure or other purpose? They thought it a bit cruel to watch a trained animal and made a small discussion over it.

IMAO, it's necessary to train pets to use toilets. We offer them warm places to live, food to eat and our love, and it's reasonable for them to give in. Just like we train children to use toilets, and we won't buy boxes of sands for them to pee simply because they can't succeed climbing the toilets. Furthermore, the toilet can be improved in the future for pet. But trainning them to learn tricks to please us is another story.


That would be Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which stars Robert Downey Jr., Val Kilmer and Michelle Monaghan. Sorry, it's not a new film.

I'm not crazy about Downey but I always love to watch him acting. Kilmer was one of my favorite actors. It's very nice to see these two in one film, which is a black comedy and full of clever gay jokes. I just find it funny and love it!

I wouldn't say it's a great film because some people think it boring, and they can't even finish the film. So you will have to see and judge for yourself.

The opening credits are great!


Love between salt and pepper shakers

You see me, you see me not, you see me, you see me not....

It's a good day to watch the sky together!

Dance on the field, you and me, both of us.  \(^_^)/\(^_^)/

Maybe I can't hold your hands.....

At least we can hold each other in our arms.

My friend and I saw these adorable shakers in a little restaurant, so I had them posed and took the pics. ^o^ 

BL and SFU in Emmy list.

I only watched Boston Legal and Six Feet Under, so I care about these two more. I can understand Spader wasn't nominated because he'd won two Emmys. But I feel quite sad that Boston Legal didn't get nominated in Best drama Series! It's an excellent dramedy with content! How could they miss such a brilliant show?

Here are the list related to the two shows:
Boston Legal
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
William Shatner as Denny Crane

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
Candice Bergen as Shirley Schmidt

Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series
Michael J. Fox as Daniel Post
Christian Clemenson as Jerry “Hands” Espenson

Six Feet Under
Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
Peter Krause as Nate Fisher

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
Frances Conroy as Ruth Fisher

Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series
Patricia Clarkson as Aunt Sarah
Joanna Cassidy as Margaret Chenowith
(She's the one stole Denny's heart in BL!)

Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series

Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series

Outstanding Art Direction for a Single-Camera Series

Outstanding Hairstyling for a Series

Dreamed of Alan and Denny...

I'm thinking about making a Denny/Alan music video for days. I've chosen the song and thought about where to put which scene. Few days ago, I had wrote some details down before I went to sleep. These two men came to my dream that night....

The following is x-posted at madcowlove

Alan was late for the balcony time because of some case he dealed with. When he arrived the firm, he saw Denny asking the janitor to open the balcony door. The janitor refused because it's very late at night. So, Alan and Denny decided not to leave until the janitor opened it. The janitor was very upset and wondered if they were gay. Our two men just yelled "NO!" together....(I'm not sure whether they changed their answer or not in the end. lol)

That's all! A nice dream with a strange ending. *_* In real life, I think Denny won't do things like these, he will say, "Open the door! Because I'm Denny Crane!" and show his gun....

I love that old feeling.

I've been listening to Peggy Lee's "Miss Peggy Lee" (4CD) for two days. It's still hot outside, but Peggy Lee has made my place warm, sweet and romantic.

If you reach a certain age and want to get that magnificent old feeling, Miss Peggy Lee will be a nice choice.